Polar HR7 Strap and Bluetooth

I cannot get Zwift to recognize my Polar HR 7 strap, though it sees my other Bluetooth devices just fine.

I am using the iPhone app to connect, and my iPhone is connected to the HR 7 strap via Bluetooth. How can I get Zwift to see it too?

Clicking the ‘Search’ button in the game did not work.

Zwift was also seeing the HR strap to begin with, but now is not. What else can I try to get Zwift app (and Zwift) to see the HR strap connected to my phone?

If you’re saying you’ve made iOS connect to your HR strap, that’d be why Zwift can’t see it.  Only one piece of software can connect to a bluetooth device at a time, and if iOS has taken the strap then Zwift won’t have a chance.

To fix this, just delete your HR strap from the settings->bluetooth of your phone, and just let Zwift handle the pairing for you.

Like magic! Thank you, Jon.

I thought if my iPhone saw it (Settings–>Bluetooth) that was a good thing (and one device). Deleting it from Settings–>Bluetooth did the trick.