Can't unpair Polar strap from iPhone, thus can't pair with Mac laptop unless turn off iPhone Bluetooth

(Chris Gagné) #1

This one is driving me bonkers.

My Polar HR strap seems to be paired with my iPhone, but there’s no “( i )” icon to the right of it. As a result, I can’t unpair it. Whenever my HR strap is on, it connects to my iPhone, so I can’t connect it to my Mac unless I disable BT on my iPhone.

Anyone know how to resolve this?

Edit: I was able to unpair it by stopping every application on my iPhone using the application switcher and flicking them all away. If the Polar HR strap is paired to the iPhone, the Zwift app will seemingly connect to it and prevent unpairing if it is running, even if connections are disabled within Zwift.

(Lin) #2

One possible explanation I can think of is there is a configuration policy on your iPhone. Is that a work phone?

Is your iOS updated?

(Chris Gagné) #3

There was an old configuration policy from a prior employer, so thanks for the reminder.

That didn’t seem to fix the issue, but what seemed to work was closing the Zwift companion app, then turning Bluetooth off and on. What’s weird is Zwift is configured to not permit connections, so I am not sure why it was trying at all.