Hrm kinetic strap not seen by zwift app iphone

Hello, since last upgrade of zwift and ios 13.1.2, even if i see my hmr bluetooth kinetic being paired with my iphone and also being able to see my device from the kinetic app itself, I cannot get the zwift app to pair.

anything known?
Anything I can do?


Don’t pair it to your phone. Let Zwift handle everything.


I finally was able to pair by

B: get zwitf telling me Bt needed to be turned on

c: goong back to Bt settings to turn on

and then it paired.

there must be a good reason from your side for this .

It is a dance all time since I also pair my headset, my watch, my BT speaker while zwifting :man_shrugging:

anyhow, really appreciate you took time to answer. :+1:

André, Zwiftet since last November 2018