Kinetic inRide HRM Not Paring with Zwift

(Keith McVicker) #1

I have a Kinetic trainer with the Kinetic inRide power meter and heart rate monitor. The power meter works great, but I’ve had some difficulty getting the HRM to work with Zwift. The only time I’ve been able to get the HRM to pair successfully is on the Mobile Link app with my iPhone in airplane mode.  Even then, it only pairs occasionally.   I’ve never been able to get the HRM to pair with iOS Zwift.  I’ve made sure that all apps other than Zwift on my phone are closed.  Strangely, the HRM pairs just fine with the inRide app, the Apple Health app, and Strava so I don’t understand why it is not working with Zwift.

(Keith McVicker) #2

So, I actually got the HRM to pair today without having to put the phone in airplane mode.  I started the Mobile Link app and then loaded Zwift.  When the paring screen was displayed on the PC, I went to settings on the phone and unpaired the HRM.  The HRM then repaired with the phone and it was detected by Zwift.  I’m not sure why I have to go through all of that for the HRM.  (The power meter pairs as soon as I start pedaling.)  Oh well, at least I found the trick to make it work.

(Nick LaVeaux) #3

Hi Keith,

Were you pairing your HRM directly to the phone? If so, then this would mean that the Zwift Mobile Link didn’t have access to it. Basically, you open the ZML, leave bluetooth on, and then pair directly in Zwift rather than using your phone’s bluetooth settings. They’re basically two different connections where only one is allowed. Similarly, if the connection to the HRM is being used by the Zwift Mobile Link, you would likely not see it show up in the phone’s bluetooth settings. 

I hope that helps and makes sense. 

(Keith McVicker) #4

Thanks for the tips.  I’ll give it a try.