Refusal to connect to HRM - now no option to try


(Lee) #1

Hi all,

Have been using the same setup for well over a year. Wahoo Tickr HRM connected to both Wattbike and ios iphone 7. HRM seems to connect happily to both devices and deliver the info. Today, wouldn’t connect to zwift app (not companion app btw). Today it connects to the WB as usual but Zwift app won’t find it. So I ride with HR data.
Not only that, but NOW the zwift app won’t allow searching for an HRM - only allows connection to a power sensor or a speed sensor. And there’s no way to change that. I’ve changed the battery on the HRM just in case, but it connected to WB fine so I don’t think that’s it tbh. The app feels like you’re just a lucky passenger if it all connects, but can’t really see or control settings if not.

Has there been some sort of (ironically titled) update to the app?

(Lee) #2

(Aaron) #3

You have to first choose your power source, whether power meter is speed sensor, then the options for additional peripherals will pop up.

If everything has been paired in the past they will auto pair next time, which must be how it’s been during the last year.

If anything gets unpaired then you have to restart the process.

(Lee) #4

Makes sense - so the loss of the HRM connection means its not there already. Thanks for that, was going nuts wondering what was wrong after changing the HRM battery etc.