Pod no funciona

(David Vergara R. ) #1

Continuing the discussion from Milestone Pod + Zwift + 3-part pod calibration problem:

Hi, I’m writing to you from Colombia, I recently bought a Milestone pod, I bought it through the web. now the pod does not calibrate with zwift when I get to point number 3 of the calibration it starts to generate an error and says no longer connects, then again connects and again disconnects. I need help, I feel cheated. what I do?

(Arkadiusz) #2

I suggest you do not do the calibration. Search for the device and go to the workout. Calibration did not improve Milestonepod accuracy. Let me know if it works.

(David Vergara R. ) #3

Hello, unfortunately the Pod still does not work, it connects and disconnects after a few seconds. the bluetooh signal detects it as connected but at the time of sending information it is absolutely intermittent. I need you to help me please.

(Dominique) #4

I had the same problem, but this started working once I downloaded the Milestone phone app, which then upgraded the Pod’s firmware. Then things worked better. It still isn’t 100% perfect, but it is much better, IMO.

(Arkadiusz) #5

As far as I know, an update is necessary !!