Please post interval chart with Group Workout descriptions

It can be hard to tell exactly what kind of workout I will be getting from the descriptions. Some descriptions, for example, might lead me to think I will be getting short anaerobic intervals (30 seconds to two minutes) when the actual workout I log into might be a series of three-minute intervals at FTP. Language in each is not always consistent.

Could you please start posting a simple chart on workout descriptions that would show length of intervals and rest. Even without wattage, I would have a much better sense of what I am going to be doing and whether or not I want to do it. Ideally, this could include designations such as 110% FTP where personalized wattage could be in the actual workout.





Totally agree. A lot of the group workouts have very brief information about the workout. 

I don’t do group workouts as I don’t know what I am signing myself up for and don’t want to waste my time having to quit and think that having the intervals displayed is essential.

I also think people should be able to modify the wattages of the intervals so they have a fair chance to complete the workout as a group rather than having to quit.

You can modify the workout percentages for intervals when you join an event.  While waiting at the start line in the upper left corner, just below the workout interval descriptions is an intensity gauge that you can modify with up and down arrows.  It begins at 100% and you can change it from there if one thinks the workout plan is a little much or not enough for how you are feeling at the time. 

That being said it would be nice to take a look at the workout plan before joining if that is possible at some point.

Modifying the workout percentage will apply to all the intervals and not just the specific ones that may be too high.

Yes, please implement!

+1, completely agree, at least write down at what percentage the different blocks will be. I really can’t tell if a given workout is what i am searching for or not and don’t do it in the end.