Group Workouts - Workout detail

Really liking the new group workout format - it adds to the community feel while completing an individual effort. I could see our club team using this over winter training.

Can you add more detail to the workout description? Add the workout interval graph as a % of FTP or calculate workout effort watts in the graph.  

Thank you for your continual improvement.


Agreed 100%. The workouts are great and the Group Workouts are even better. 

But it would really help if an accompanying Work Out Overview graph was added to  the description so that you know what you are signing up for before you start.

Looking forward to the new route opening soon.

I’ve only tried one group ride but enjoyed it a lot. A couple of comments would be the ride description didn’t mention ERG, which caused some confusion, and it would help if the interval description also included the target cadence. 

Percentage graph would be really useful


Exactly this.

The group workouts are holding my interest a lot better than the individual workouts and I can really see myself using Zwift more because of this.

However, I’ve just done a group workout called “Watt Bombs” that really was no more strenuous than a brisk walk. Having some way of seeing the detail of the workout before committing would really help me out.

A stress point should be added to each group workout. Some of the workouts have the stress points added but other don’t. Yesterday I did a workout with Stress Points = 77 and it was really tough.  Stress points are listed.



I was talking about the workout description on the phone app. If you go to events and you read a workout description scheduled for the day you’ll see some of them have listed stress points while others don’t.