Group workout description

Suggestion: to make it easier to know what you are letting yourself into on a group workout, please could you add the workout graph to the description! A picture tells a thousand words!!!

Kenny, we are working to improve the group workout descriptions, as your issue is not unique. For now, I’ve tried to encourage the coaches to provide more specific, quantitative descriptions in their workout descriptions - and to provide them myself for our official Zwift workouts. The group workout feature is still new, so bear with us as we continue to work on it.



Zwift Game Designer

It would be incredibly useful if at the very least the full group workout name could be shown when the workout is selected to join.   (probably via scrolling the workout name).

Right now, unless you’ve looked up the group workout ahead of time, there isn’t any reasonable way to identify the different group workout types on the main Zwift screen. This is extremely annoying when you want to join a L2 workout and get 15 sec anaerobic intervals instead.


Also something we are working on. Again, in the meantime, I’m trying to use shorthand to make it easier to see what you’re getting if you are picking a workout from within the game rather than ZML.


Thanks for the reply Jordan!! Good to hear. My thought was basically that the workouts graphs that show the blocks of time at various intensities are already used in the workout module. And are what I use to help decide whether or not I want to do the workout. If you could include that same graph in the description in the event planner, would be great and in fact could cut down on the words. Perhaps it’s an html type thing to embed a picture in a descriptive field, but hope you can do it!!

One other point on the group workouts is whether to allow people to ‘lead’ them, like group rides? I suspect there are lots of coaches who would like to do so.

We have plenty of group workouts with leaders. I typically lead one of the triathlon workouts a week - I wrote most of the tri workouts that are currently in the game. The leader functions no differently than they do in any of our group rides.

OK cool, thanks Jordan, I hadn’t noticed that in the couple of group workouts that I did a few weeks ago.


You state " we are working to improve the group workout descriptions", surely the solution is simple.  If the organisers are unwilling or unable to post a meaningful description of their workouts then you should prevent them from being able to create scheduled group workouts.

Or maybe Zwift needs to take ownership of group workouts (like I also think they should for races) and actually post up the events yourself.  You have a huge array of published workouts which could be used.  I recon it would take no more than a couple of hours a week to set these up.