Custom Workout Interval Target Watts Displays Incorrect Number

I created a custom workout with three interval blocks at 90% FTP. My FTP is set at 246, so 90% would be 221.4. When I did the workout, during the first block, it showed my target watts at 225, which is close enough. However, when I hit the second and third block, it displayed the target at 245 watts. I thought I had made a mistake when creating the workout, but checked and it shows 90% for all three blocks. When I mouse over the graphic representation of the workout, I see 222w for all three blocks. When I hit “workout” the list of workout steps shows 225w for the intervals. Seems like a weird bug. Thanks.

Hey Greg, thanks for the heads up! 225 sounds about right but 245 is definitely peculiar. Have you had a similar error show up when making another custom workout?

Are the watt levels in training plans always rounded to the nearest 5 watts? They are calculated to the nearest watt when browsing plans, but during workouts they seem to be rounded to the nearest 5 watts.

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Displaying to the nearest 5 watts, yes

Hi Vincent:

I have created a number of other custom workouts and never encountered this issue. Should I send you the .zwo file? I assume you have some sort of emulator to test it? Thanks.