Custom Workouts: Power levels are different in editor and workout selector

I created a custom workout and noticed that a power level is off by 1 watt, not a big deal, between the editor and when I go to select the workout:

I think there is another thread on this. Basically, Zwift is rounding to the nearest 5 watt increment.


Hm, sorry, no solution yet! QA’s too busy with Scottland, since a year…?

Yet another poor soul asking itself why having spent money for ±1% precision of the trainer while Zwift widely offers ±2.5% at 100W…? :wink:

Zwift rounding to the nearest 5 watt increment is ridiculous. Does it round up or down?

5 watts is enough to completely ruin a basic over/under workout for a small light rider with an FTP of 150 watts!!!

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Please explain this again to our training experts at Zwift… see

PS: Misbehaviour still present in version 1.33.0.

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