Stop rounding watt targets & fix workout ramp smoothness

(Justin MV (Ride GG)) #1

Please fix the ramp workout smoothness, as well as the display rounding of workout watt targets.

The ramp block type in workouts is terrible. It does not smoothly ramp power up or down, but instead does so in seemingly random times in large watt chunks. There is a thread on your forum that was incorrectly marked “answered” for this same issue (

If I have decline 1:15 ramp from 120% to 110% … as I did in a workout yesterday… Zwift would call for 280w for more than half of that time, and would then suddenly drop to 260w for the last 20-30 seconds. Why does it not decline smoothly over time, as is the purpose of a ramp?

Which leads me to my second gripe… I hate that the wattage numbers are rounded in workout mode. If my workout calls for 99% FTP, I want to see that exact wattage, not rounded to the nearest 5 or 10w! This is especially frustrating when I’m doing subtlely changing sweet spot workouts where an interval will ossiccilate from 88-92% … the goal wattage number on the screen doesn’t change hardly at all! Grrrrr… drives me nuts. It doesn’t make any sense to me that you’ll display my actual watts as any single digit, but target watts you round?!

(Mikael Jonsson) #2

Yes, an when they ar at it the can make the watt in WO to be what they should be, not round them of to nearest 5watt. If my WO is set to 253w i don’t whant to do 255w.