FTP Builder Tempo Week 1

I noticed that during the Tempo workout that the Ramp up was not a ramp at all. It was a 50/50 split between a specific wattage and then another wattage at 5 watts more. Same thing with the first ramp down. It went down 5 watts halfway through that portion of the workout. The final ramp down was as expected. Its this by design or is this an error in the workout detail or coding not doing a ramp up and ramp down?

I did experience the 5 watt increment or decrement on all the ramps but the problem was it only did it once during the ramp. I expected to start at a much lower wattage and ramp up. For example the 6 minute ramp went started at 190 and stayed there for half of the ramp, then halfway through it went to 195. This was not a ramp at all. The ramp down started at 195 and halfway through went to 190 and that was it. The final ramp did a ramp from 195 down to 160. The first two were not ramps at all.

The 6 min ramp goes from 86% FTP (=190W in your case) to 89% FTP (around 197W in your case). Since Zwift only knows 5 watt steps right now, the power target is not resolved more accurately.
That’s why we’ve been begging for this change for so long.