Please improve Training Plan schedule flexibility

I think @Daniel_Gunnarsson_HE point was that he is missing certain workouts, once you missed the time window you can’t go back and complete that workout and have to move on to the next one which could mean that the intensity is much higher and you aren’t exactly prepared for it.

The first year on Zwift I did almost only workouts. I never enrolled into a training plan, since the strict time requirements would not work for me. I did the standard Zwift workouts (there are almost 2000 to choose from). I started with the ‘6 weeks beginner FTP builder’ and after that did some other ‘plans’: ‘4 week FTP booster’,‘10-12 wk FTP builder’, some old Zwift Academy plans, PRL ride prep etc. I did all these plans in the time what best suited me. Sometimes I repeated a certain workout and some workouts I skipped. This worked very well for me. Now I do less workouts and enjoy the free rides more. Whenever I feel to do a workout now I pick one of my favorite workouts and do it.


If you miss one, you miss it. Even if you paused for a week, you still won’t maximize the fitness you could have gained if you did it under the strain of fatigue the plan expects you to perform under week to week. I think it is the difference between choosing individual workouts when you can fit it in as opposed to committing yourself to a virtual coach with all that entails. At least, I would hope that the people who make the various training apps know how to devise a much more productive training plan than someone like myself could credibly make on their own with limited experience in what works best.

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Maybe Zwift can work on a feature that suggests workouts to those who don’t have the time for full fledged training plans, based on past data and future goals to improve certain areas of ones’ cycling. To help make it easy to choose individual workouts whenever one has the time.

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I like this idea! Based on past performance, if your goal is to improve your 5 or 20 minute power or your 15 second sprint, what would be the best plan/workout.

Please please please improve the flexibility of your training plans!
I often wake up early to do a ride and find that I can’t do it until 11am!!! Or I plan on doing a ride when I get home from work (around 8:30pm) and the ride expired at 6pm!!! This is so frustrating! Consequently, I am missing out on around half of the training plan rides because of the lack of flexibility you offer…I work 12.5hr shifts, combination of days/twilights/nights and with no set pattern so it’s very difficult for me to get the workouts done with the current training plan set up.
Suggestion…release all rides for that week at 00:01 on a Monday and don’t let them all expire until 23:59 on a Sunday. I understand that you want to encourage rest periods…maybe give a 12hr timeout period after each training ride?
Please sort this. I’m considering trying other apps :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Just adding my voice to this thread. Please listen.

I have time to train right now, but not in 5 hours which is when my next workout unlocks. I’ll still have the same amount of days in the saddle and days off at the end of the week. Yeah it might be suboptimal if I do a workout 5 hours early, but it is better than me not doing the workout at all or me doing an extra workout.