Please improve Training Plan schedule flexibility

(Stefan) #41

I joined Zwift, cause the great workout and especially the training plans. But now I’m on the same situation as a lot of other zwifters.
Due to a cold I was unable to keep the plan running. Having a 3-5 Day break should not break the plan in this manner. Why isn’t it possible to shift a play by some days ? Shifting for some days would be better than leaving out some workouts, pitty

(Tim) #42

Just joined Zwift and I enrolled in the 101 training to check things out and could not figure out why I couldn’t do the first workout, evidently I missed it. I enrolled in the training and went to start the workout the next day and the first workout was unavailable. Perhaps the clock shouldn’t start until you do the first workout?

Today I finished the 2nd (actually the 3rd ) 101 workout in the early afternoon now I see that I can’t start the last workout until after 6AM - and I was planning to do it at 5 AM so I can make it to work on time. Not sure I’ll be able to get it in after work due to other commitments with family.

The workout plans look great and I was planning to do the gravel grinder training but now I’m not so sure due to scheduling conflicts that will surely arise due to work travel.

Please allow these training plans to be flexible for those that want to do them, they seem excellent. While I wish I could plan my work day around my cycling schedule that will never happen as I’m sure is true for most Zwifters! By building in this flexibility I believe more people will enroll in the plans and current Zwifters will recommend Zwift instead of telling others of the training plan limitations.

(M) #43

I just joined Zwift and planned to start a training plan but I’m shocked to read about all these limitations in training schedule. There’s a good chance they’re going to lose me as a customer. There are too many other options out there and we pay too much not to be able to train when our lives allow.

(Matt) #44

I’ve got the same issue. I’m into my final week of the 12 week Build me Up plan and I have a business trip that is going to take me out of town at the end of the week for four days. As a result I’m going to miss the final workout in the plan which happens to be the final FTP test to see what kind of improvements have been made. The workout isn’t available until the day I leave and has to be completed before I return! I’d love to be able to either move it up or push it back 24 hours! It’s frustrating to think I’ve put in 12 weeks of effort only to miss out on the final payoff!

(Terry Waters) #45

I think most zwifters think this way simon. Good call. The wife was on a twelve week plan and had a cold so missed ten sessions.

(Ash) #46

+1 for a bit more flexibility. I love some of the training plans, but can’t always manage 3 or 4 sessions per week. It would be great to be able to adjust the number of sessions down to fit my lifestyle and family commitments

(Miranda) #47

Yes, I would love to see the schedule of the training plan derived from an integrated web-based training calendar where you could push the timing of the workouts around to suit, well, life. If your adjustments made the TSS over a few days too high, or if you deleted an important workout, or if two similar sessions got moved too close together there could be warnings that popped up suggesting you remedy the issue, but it would be up to you to make those decisions. And then your available training plan workout when you logged into Zwift would be the one you scheduled for today.

As someone with a fair bit of experience with structured training plans, I’ve tried starting Zwift training plans a couple of times and found them impossible to work around my other activities and constraints.

(Gerrie) #48

Matt: you can select the FTP test (short or long) from the workout menu and do it any time.

(Steve) #49

Please add the option to move the training schedule. Seems to work for other training apps out there. Thanks.