Please help - Unable to install Zwift on Windows 10 PC with full requirements

Hi there,

I have been having trouble installing zwift on my Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Tiny USFF Windows 10 Computer. My computer I believe fits all the requirements needed: RAM - 8GB, Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 4400, Hard Drive - 500GB.

The Zwift Setup File downloads correctly and the Zwift Launcher/ Installer begins. The Installation works perfectly through “Downloading Updates” and counts down until the launcher tells me 1 minute remaining of “Applying Updates”.

At this point I get the following Error message: “Update Failed During patching. Error Code: Z117 at Line 602 in Patches.cpp. Please Contact Zwift Support. Would you like to go to the Zwift Support Page now?”

The file that is the issue seems to be CritCityVid1.blk. A video file.

I have tried every step of Z117 solutions including running as administration.

Net Framework 3.5 is installed. I noticed two options under it were not selected on Windows Features. I ticked both of these.

The computer is fully updated with the latest version of Windows 10. It has Windows Defender running but no other antivirus software.

Please can you kindly help me. I am so excited to use Zwift but this is very frustrating.


Is this a wired or wireless connection?

If it is wireless, try plugging it directly into your route using a network cable.

It could be an issue with your ISP also, so maybe installing a VPN could resolve the issue.


You sound tech savvy and also sound like you’ve read this article on the Support Hub

You didn’t say specifically about the two things about Documents folder - that you gave the Zwift app permissions to write to the Documents folder, and 2) that a cloud sync app isn’t being used on the Documents folder?

You might try the clean wipe and reinstall method:

  1. Search Windows Explorer for “Zwift” and delete all folders and files that you find
  2. Download and reinstall the Zwift app
  3. If prompted for permissions - say yes to all of them.