Play controller haptic feedback oddity

On my last ride I noticed a slight oddity with the Play controller haptic feedback. I’m not sure if it is a bug or not, though I think it probably is.

When braking with the right play controller on its own, I don’t get any haptic feedback. All other feedback for ride ons and power ups seems to be working fine with the right controller and the left controller gives haptic feedback for everything, including braking with the left controller on its own. The brake light comes on, on the bike I am riding in both cases of left and right controller usage.

The braking feedback is useful as an indication if you are riding the brakes by leaning on the rockers by mistake.

Using Windows 10 with game version 1.44.2 and firmware 1.1.1 on the Play controllers

Have had this on a couple more rides now too, with game version 1.45. It doesn’t happen right at the start of the ride, but only after a while, so there must be some trigger event knocking the haptic feedback off for right hand braking.