Pixel C not finding Wahoo Kickr


I’ve a Pixel C, but it does not find my Wahoo Kickr, finds the kickr no problem.

The Pixel C is in the list of devices that work with Zwift. I believe all the permissions for the Zwift app on the Pixel C are enabled and correct: It shows location, pair with BT devices, access BT settings

Does anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting this issue?

Zwift version 1.0.57791
Android version 8.1.0


I’m maybe not the best person to help here, are you sure the Pixel C has Ant+?

It doesn’t - I was thinking of using Bluetooth to connect to the Kickr - is that not an option?

As an update, Wahoo Utility on the Pixel C doesn’t find the kickr either, so it is perhaps not a Zwift issue.

If the wahoo utility programme is not picking up the Kickr then I’d tend to agree.