KICKR Core no connecting to Zwift on PC [SOLVED]

Edit: Disregard! Reboot of the PC did the trick…

Dear all, I’m having issues connecting my Wahoo KICKR Core to Zwift.

The KICKR is working fine with the Wahoo App and Bluetooth. The PC has an ANT+ Dongle that is recognized by the Zwift App. When I’m traing to connect the KICKR, however, it’s not found (yes, I am pedaling). ANT+ Dongle is about 1 - 2 m from the KICKR. I’ve also shut down the Wahoo App and Bluetooth on the phone so there is no

Any ideas?

Thx, Felix

Hi @Felix_Krohn Thanks for reporting your issue. It seems you’ve managed to resolve it by rebooting your PC. If any future related issue occurs please, review this Zwift Support Hub article.