KICKR CORE Connectivity with Zwift

I recently bought a KICKR Core. I’m really struggling to connect the device to my Mac. Eventually after turning everything on and off (all devices and their bluetooth functionality) I am SOMETIMES able to find the KICKR core on the Zwift app. However it can take me up to 20 minutes or so. Once its found it I have no dropouts or problems!

however this is obviously really frustrating. I have a Mac with a ANT+ dongle in the back (that it never connects via as the KICKR only seems to be able to be able to be found by the Mac via bluetooth…)

does anyone else have this issue or potential solutions?


I would recommend getting a long USB cable to plug into the Mac, and then plug the Ant+ receiver into the cable, so it is right next to, literally within a few inches, of the Core.