Performance, Courses and Textures

First i like to say, this is great Software i like the courses and UI Layout.

Good JOB.

I only wonder about the perfomance.

I have an I5-4690K and 32GB RAM also a 512 SSD as drive.

But it looks like you use software rendering for shadows, i see this when i am near to bushes. The textures looks on some crosses stretched.

i miss people at the road side. I agree to not use models, but 2D Images are cost not so much performance.

Somebody love butterflies? Thats OK, but they do not fly in the ground :)“Saw this in London”

When it is raining you can use a waterdrop shader? do bring some drops on the screen, that will give a more realistic touch.

The courses a great, but you really need much more.

what about this examples?  (The video have 6x speed)

i use this tracks in my own software, but cannot compete with you.

keep up the good work.

I was interested to see your examples but the links does not work, can you check them and re post.

oh yes, my fault :slight_smile: (6x speed)


Wait a second… are these courses that you have created?

I mean these are pretty simple overall, but this is what Zwift needs to be.Every time Eric talks about Zwift he simply says this stuff is hard, it takes time, blah, blah, blah.

The updates to Zwift over the past year have been minimal at the very best. And a London course - yeah that’s a great one - I want to ride in the rain when I am not riding in the rain.

I seriously think that someone needs to partner with Garmin or another big name in the device/software game to create something NOT cartoon based.

There has to be a company out there that can come in and crush Zwift out of the business and make it what it should be.

I rode Zwift for 2500 miles and I can’t stand to ride another lap.

Omgosh I really want REAL courses rendered like yours. I agree Zwift needs so much more.

I have tried CycleOps based on real videos, but unless you are at the exact pace that the video was taken at it is NOT good. ’

Any way thank you for this submission. You rock.

Thanks for the flowers.

the harsh truth is, that my map is rendering with low settings.

I have ca. 20 of them, not all so long, and with some animations like birds, trains, aircrafts, crime scenery. it is more interesting for sightseeing cycling :slight_smile:

I do not think that it is hard to make new courses for Zwift. 

Looks like Zwift makers use an older Maya Version to create courses. I work more with 3ds max for environments 

When i look from the DEV side on the courses, there are much errors in the maps, like grass grows out of the streets, trees are in walls, the streets are higher then the ground, not using splatmaps, texture stretches.

I following zwift for a few years, but started to ride much later, because i had no

power meter setup for my elliptical trainer :slight_smile: Now i can ride.

I will not go to hard against Zwift, i know that dev is a hard job.

But a great new course should not longer take to make then 1-2 month for a 3d Artist.

I see they are hiring, but find no one? 

I like to try make a course for Zwift, just for fun in my free time.

Hi Andreas


Impressive what you have done ‘in you free time’!

You seem very knowledgable when it comes to this sort of thing - perhaps you can help me with a question…?

My question is about the rendering of the game. I just bought myself what I thought was a fairly high level gaming PC a few weeks back to drive a 43" 4k Screen On Ultra. The spec is: i7 7700 chip, SSD, 16gb ram, Geforce 1060 graphics card. If I take Vsync off, it runs at a steady 80 frames per second on ultra… So it seems like the machine is well within its limits pushing 60fps to the monitor in the usual run of things. Also checked the logs on Zwiftaliser and there are no spikes or surges that suddenly take this down.

I’ve noticed 2 issues in the game:

  1. I’m getting some funny shadow action in the game. Especially around shadows on the road about 10m ahead of me (Eg. A road railing shadow will only appear / render about 10m ahead of me, and similar with the low walls and planter box shadows in Richmond). Similarly the detailed tree shadows on the road seem to render as large dark blocks on the road… But when they reach the magical 10m mark, they quickly render with all the details of leaves and branches.

  2. The second glitchy thing is trees on faraway mountains and hills that will suddenly pop in and out of existence… especially when there are a lot in a cluster. Every now and then, this happens closer to the road.

Everything else looks really good though, and butter smooth. Is this a sign that the PC/1060 card is struggling… Or just rendering issues with the software?




1, I can only speculate what Zwift use behind the curtain. On my machine it is the same with your problems. I think they use realtime shadows instead of baked shadows, or the camera settings for the player is configured that only near things rendered in high state. 

  1. This are splitted in 2 things LOD and how far can the player look for appearing objects to the player. Normaly you have LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 in a perfect world you did not see the change from LOD2 to LOD0. LOD0 = all details LOD2 can be an image.

Your system have no problems, it is a high end machine.

Zwift have the focus on network, (What happen near the player) Thats important, because you will not see jumping players near you. Zwift do here a job good.

All the people want 4k, for me it is more then enough full hd with 30fps :slight_smile: