Feedback 12/20/2014

I am loving Zwift. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Mobile app is too laggy to be useful in real time. When I want to wave, it takes seconds for it to happen. The main sim is not lagging my bike data (on three different sensors!) by more than a second. I am sure it has to do with the communications around the network, but it isn’t as good for realtime. It is interesting for offline, but as I mentioned before, when offline it just how’s a list of riders and nothing else.

Love the Christmas art!

I want the environment to match the time I am riding. I don’t like the nighttime thing much. I get that you may want the same environment for everyone, especially if you are considering incorporating weather into the sim. Just a thought.

Drafting is still very unnatural. It works, but it isn’t a good sim of reality.

Speeds seem high compared to real outdoor rides on the flats. Hills are pretty good. This is on a computrainer, calibrated and warmed up before the sim is started.

Not sure what is happening in the other side of the road. Why bother using sim for that?

As others have said, I think you need to do something with idle or stopped riders. Not sure what to suggest, since it is possible for someone to simply stop in the middle of a road in reality, but it is amazingly irritating. Maybe push them off to the side?

Can we get a 1k sign in addition to the others for the sprints and climb? At some point it would be nice to have a 1k time available. I know… First things first!

Keep up the excellent work! It gets better all the time.

I too have found that the iphone app is a bit laggy. Often times you need to repeatedly press it to get something to happen.

It would also be handy to have individual buttons in the iPhone app for the various rider viewing angles. Rather than having to cycle thru every view to get to the one you want.

Keep up the great work. Fun times.

Re: #2 - I want the environment to match the time I am riding. I don’t like the nighttime thing …

The ‘time’ setting in the …/data/config/profile.txt file appears to control the sim’s time of day.

Having a great time on the island - will post some feedback this weekend.