PC: Disabling the Ride On icon?

Hi all,

I saw Shane Miller had managed to disable the Ride On thumb that appears above your head when someone gives you one. He’s mentioned about editing a file (i.e creating a dummy file in Notepad of the same name and extension (backup the original of course)).

Last night I was riding with the C pace partners and owing to the fact that someone in Zwift doesn’t understand design, or accessibility they decided to make the beacon the same precise colour as the Ride On, it is of course displayed at identical height. Given these rides seem to attract a procession of RideOns its actually very very distracting and it makes keeping track of the beacon extremely difficult.

Anyway, I’m sure someone has worked out the file name I need to edit and would happily share it?


Dont watch his vids so not sure what he is referring to but I just did a quick play and found if you rename the RideOn folder under \program files (x86)\zwift\data\pickups to something else random (like RideOn.TEMP), then you dont see any more blue RideOns.

Sound still plays if you have sound on.


Thanks I’ll give that a try tomorrow. J