Hide group ride beacons in HUD off mode

Tried out the HUD off mode in a small meetup yesterday, and while it was quite nice to have the chilled screen layout with only a few riders around to look at, the giant yellow arrow hovering over the meetup organiser was really glaring. Surely this is such a massive part of the HUD that it should be turned off when everything else turns off?

And how do you suppose you keep track of the group ride leader during your ride?

Why do you join a group ride when you don’t care where the ride leader is?

I can see a reason for the ride leader, but the “Ride On” thumbs can definitely go. I don’t care that someone else got a Ride On at the best of times.

I’m not sure you properly read my idea; I was referring to a private meetup. In the case I described there were a few friends, alone in the world, so every other rider was hidden except for the few of us. We experimented with HUD off, but it left the giant beacon.

I’m not saying to turn off the beacon if you want it on, but if you actively choose to turn off the HUD it should turn of all of it.

Turn the HUD on if you want it on, but my suggestion is that when you turn the HUD off it turns everything off

Absolutely need an option to hide the beacon. It’s a huge eye sore wether or not the HUD is on.