Pause Zwift during a Century ride bio break?

Good evening - I’m planning my first Century ride (on Zwift) in a couple of weeks and I’m curious what the recommendation is for pausing the ride during breaks? When I’m riding in real life with Strava, I have auto-pause on so my ride time stops when I stop. At the end of those rides, I have a true moving pace, along with a true moving time, and true overall ride time.

I’m assuming that if I get off the bike in Zwift, the clock still keeps running, so my ride pace will be off. Any tips or recommendations on how to manage that? Thanks!


You didn’t ask but IMO taking breaks into your time for long rides is more meaningful than ride time… A break is a break and even a short one will result in your legs being more fresh allowing you to push a bit harder for a short period of time. Not counting breaks I could do a 3:30 solo century easily, i’d just need 3 days to do it :smiley:

That said, if you link zwift to strava, strava will automatically calculate moving time the same way it does when riding outdoors.

The clock in Zwift stops when the bike stops (well, a few seconds after, and the segment timers of course don’t). Then again, no need to even stop if you start your break at the beginning of a suitable descent and don’t waste time…

Good point!