Pause when riding

I just like to ride on the trainer the various courses in zwift,  I don’t race or do many workouts.

i do like to see my stats though 

i took a break to get more water the other day and it said screen was paused after I hit menu but when I exported my stats I had a five minutes where I didn’t ride so my cadence, speed etc averages were way off

How do you pause your ride to take a break ?

I just stop pedalling - but I have not tried any long breaks yet…

I stop pedaling and take the break (bathroom, drink or whatever). I guess I don’t concern myself with the averages over the ride as they don’t really mean that much.

I believe activity time stops as well. Than it would’t affect the averages…

@ Nicole Adams
I feel your pain. I did the same thing yesterday, hit menu, saw the “Paused” indication at the top of the page then when I finished there was a 5 minute period of 0 power etc. I like knowing my average and normalized power for each ride and the lack of ability to actually pause a ride and NOT have the paused time affect the results is irritating.