Pausing rides


How do you pause a ride on Zwift & restart it after a break?

You can’t pause a ride/exit Zwift then resume.

You can however just stop riding, leave Zwift running and come back whenever you are ready to continue. You may need to re-pair your trainer/sensors though.


Does the clock stop running when you stop riding?

No, not the Zwift clock. It counts total in-game time. However, if you sync to Strava that usually only shows moving time (but I could be wrong about that)

The clocks vary from what I’ve seen. The ET elapsed time clock stops, but sector times keep ticking if you’re on a timed sprint or climb.


Just worked it out.

Like you say, if you’re on a timed ride/sprint/climb & you stop peddling the clock continues, but if you’re just on an ordinary ride, from one of the countries, and you stop peddling, the clock stops when you do, which in effect pauses the ride. The second you return to the ride & start peddling the clock restarts where you left off.

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