Pausing rides


How do you pause a ride on Zwift & restart it after a break?

You can’t pause a ride/exit Zwift then resume.

You can however just stop riding, leave Zwift running and come back whenever you are ready to continue. You may need to re-pair your trainer/sensors though.


Does the clock stop running when you stop riding?

No, not the Zwift clock. It counts total in-game time. However, if you sync to Strava that usually only shows moving time (but I could be wrong about that)

The clocks vary from what I’ve seen. The ET elapsed time clock stops, but sector times keep ticking if you’re on a timed sprint or climb.

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Just worked it out.

Like you say, if you’re on a timed ride/sprint/climb & you stop peddling the clock continues, but if you’re just on an ordinary ride, from one of the countries, and you stop peddling, the clock stops when you do, which in effect pauses the ride. The second you return to the ride & start peddling the clock restarts where you left off.

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Hi @Bar1

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what do you mean by pause for a few minutes.

This sound like your trainer is going to sleep mode. To wake it up you need to pedal a bit then go to the pairing screen and unpair and repair everything.

For more help you will need to give us more detail on what devices you use.

I think it’s clear…maybe after an hour of training i need some more water, go to the toilet, whatever…lol
I paddle and paddle and nothing happens…it started on my new tablet, the samsung tab 8 but maybe i’ll test it on my phone today and see…
it doesn’t always happen, it’s intermittent.

I don’t think the Tacx flow goes to sleep - i have one and it doesn’t anyway

weird question - you don’t take the tablet with you when you go to get water etc do you?
if it is in the same place it should be ok to carry on.

check the pairing screen - if it says “no connection” then unplug the trainer, unpair everything, wait a little bit, then plug the trainer back in and try pairing it again and it should (hopefully) be available again.

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I did all of that and could not resume.
I didn’t have this issue with my ipad…very strange

Tonight i’ll do some testing with my phone, it’s very annoying because i am doing the training programs and i would like to mark each activity as complete…

Is there a way to pause a ride or you just stop paddling?

just stop pedalling but leave the game running on your device

Last night, i stopped just for a few seconds, to change a channel on the TV and no matter what i tried,
I could not resume.
It says connected no signal, then i restart the trainer and it said connect but weak signal (it was a few cm from the trainer) no matter what i did , bluetooth on/off restart trainer, repair, when i started paddling nothing happened on the screen.

For my session tonight i’ll use my phone and see…