Resume ride after break hours or days

How can I resume a route where I left off, after a few days? Health issues severely limit the length of my rides.

You can stop part way through a ride and continue later (e.g. after several hours) as long as you leave the Zwift session running. Your trainer may need re- pairing if it has gone to sleep.

But I’m afraid there’s no way to resume a ride that you’ve finished and saved, unless you perhaps find another route that starts near to where that one finished and do manual turns to follow your original route.

Thanks for the quick response. I think I tried that with no results. Will try again. Does the Zwift session keep running if I put it aside with the orange selector button on my Apple MacBook Pro laptop & use the laptop for something else in the meantime? Or do I need a dedicated computer for my Zwift riding?
Don Youngdahl


What you have to do is this.

To save a ride half way through, hit the menu button on screen.
Then once in menu hit the “end ride” button.
You then go to the next screen where it says “save ride” or “dustbin”.

You will see a return arrow top left. This is what you press to return to your main menu screen.

Just leave your computer /laptop etc on that screen… Don’t press anything here, but you can leave it now… Your computer /laptop will then go to sleep… DON’T TURN IT OFF OR LEAVE ZWIFT… Keep it running.

When you return… Wake up the computer etc and zwift will be back on your screen… This is where you then press the back arrow to get back to the main menu page.
When on main menu page press back… And you should be where you left it…

I do this when I go off to the loo or if someone comes round… The zwift clock stops for the ride so it then restarts when you pedal again.

I Have never tested how long it will last… But should be a day or so.

Ride On. :+1::+1:

I recently completed a multi-day ride. Due to time constraints I am limited to 1 - 2 hour sessions.
That said if I want to earn a badge for the longer rides it has to be over the course of multiple sessions.
The only problem I ran into was that for some odd reason I could not reconnect to my HRM after the first day. I also run my Garmin Edge 1030 and am able to monitor my HR from the 1030’s display. I also had to wake up my smart controller on day 2 and did so without a problem.

I learned how to do multi-day rides from the attached insider article.