Ride on route not restarting after pause

Hi there. I am a fairly new rider with Zwift (level 9). I was in the middle of The London Triple Loops, about 20km in, when I needed to pause my ride. I left my PC laptop open to Zwift, and my android phone had the companion app open as well. When I returned to my ride about an hour later, my avatar on the laptop was still there at the side of the road, my phone app still open, but once I began cycling the avatar remained stationery and my watt readout was blank. I was not able to get my avatar going again and had to save and exit the ride. As I was going for the badge, it was a bit of a downer. Could someone help me understand what I did wrong? I thought it was possible to take breaks, and I have taken shorter ones to refill water bottles without this problem. Does Zwift time out after a certain number of minutes? Thank you everyone----Ride On.

Probably your trainer went to sleep through inactivity, and if you went into the Menu and the the Pairing screen you could have re-paired it. Though apologies if you already tried that.

Thank you Steve! If it happens again, I’ll check the pairing. It has not occurred to me that the trainer could go to sleep, and I had checked only the computer and phone. I appreciate the reply
Ride On.

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