Pausing ride timer

After you’ve stopped pedaling, the PAUSE screen appears but the RIDE TIME continues to run until you END RIDE and SAVE.  So if you stay on that screen to look at metrics or customize your rider (which is typical after leveling up) that all counts as ride time.  Also, unless I don’t know it, you can’t END RIDE and then come back to the METRICS, so if you want the time to reflect RIDING you need to END RIDE and SAVE immediately.  Can’t there be a PAUSED MODE feature that can stop the timer when the rider stops and starts again when the rider moves? Similar to what GARMIN and other watches can do.   OR, allow access to the screen after the ride has been SAVED(?).

Thanks.  Love the App 



I would agree with a Pause button that will pause the riding time. I had two incidents last night that would be lees annoying if I could just pause my ride time. While riding my avatar stopped pedaling although I was really pushing it, I assumed it was my Wired Elite RA trainer, so I had to re do the whole pearing process and continue riding.

This happened twice and I had lost 2min on my fastest lap.  No fault to Zwift for loosing connection this is a problem with the wired version of the Elite trainer. Pause with a stopped timer would be nice, although I know in the real world when you get a flat the timer keeps on running.


Thanks for a great interface to train and have fun, I have done twice as much training since I subscribed to Zwift.