Alpe Du Zwift Sector Timer vs Total Moving Time

Hi. I noticed something this weekend while I was attempting to finally make it to the top of Alpe Du Zwift.

When I took breaks (stopped pedaling), the sector timer keep incrementing but the total moving time stop. Is this the expected behavior? If so, why?

I feel that both timers should function the same way. Either they both stop or both continue to accumulate.



That seems correct though. If you rose up a mountain and took breaks your segment time would be the whole time but your moving time would not include the breaks.

Is it really correct? Isn’t that a function of how the rider decides to record it?

If I rode it in real life and have my head unit configured to automatically pause it would stop recording the sector time and the total time when I stop moving. If I don’t have auto pause enabled both the sector time and total time would continue to accumulate whether I’m moving or stopped.

No. In real life (and in strava) the segment time carries on. The segment time is how quickly you can get from A to B - if will include picnic breaks

Otherwise people would take 12 single k digs at eg ADH and then log a 47 minute time - whereas in a continuous effort they’d probably not get under 50.

Happy riding.