How to take a rest

I’m trying to build up to longer rides. If I was out cycling, I’d have a stop for a rest, cuppa, something to eat for example. I want to do the same with longer rides on Zwift. However, I’m testing it and having trouble.

Everything I’ve read suggests that if I stop pedalling, the clock stops, and then I can go back to it. That all works as expected, however, when I try to save the activity, it doens’t save and nothing gets uploaded to Strava.

Can anyone give me any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Are you sure you’ve connected your Zwift account to your Strava account? Can you view your past rides in Zwift Companion app, or are they not even there?

Sounds like your device running zwift is losing the network connection, can you check that before saving the ride?

Sorry, I should have been clear. The rides aren’t saved in Zwift either. But yes, Strava is connected.

Device (iPad) is on wifi ok, and doesn’t go into standby so don’t think it’s that. Not sure I’d be able to see other riders etc, if it was losing network would it?

I’m no wondering if there is a lower limit to how long an activity has to be before it will save. I’ve just tried a 2 minute ride without a stop, and it didn’t save either. Does anyone know if there is a lower limit to an activity?

It sounds like you might be using Zwift on multiple devices (even if all you’re doing on one of them is logging in), but not logging out on one of them. This creates mismatched log ins/outs, and rides will not save if this is the case.

No, Zwift is only on my iPad :). I have just, however, read that it maybe because the rides are less than 2KM. So I need to try again and make sure I go over 2 KM.

Ah, yes! That could also be an issue. Let us know if riding a bit longer solves the problem.

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Yup. That was it. Ride for a mile. Sat and had a cuppa for 30 mins having juts stopped pedalling. Went back after break and cycled another half mile. Saved and uploaded to strava fine.

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