Password issues upon initial start up


I have been having an issue with initial login. I am using the beta app on my Galaxy S7 but everyone, upon initial access (selecting my username) I have a message stating that my password is incorrect.

I then have to go through the process of adding my username again (with the same password) to gain access.

I have tried the change password link to change my password but still have the same problem.

Any thoughts??


Have managed to sort this now. Just re-installed the app

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Let us know if you run into any other issues!

I am also getting this issue. Honor play 20.

I can log in if I press add existing user but it is frustrating to have to do this every time I get on the treadmill.

Hey Jamie, looking into this! Have you only been getting this error recently? Or every since you’ve had Zwift on your phone?


I’m experiencing same issue with both android devices.
Pixel 2 xl ( running Android 9 )
Samsung galaxy tab s3 ( running Android 8 )

Always got to delete user, add user then add trainer + cadence sensor. Really unpleasant.

Fully available to help debug this issue with your team

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Thank you for the details Mathieu!

I think it’s fixed with today’s update

This is still not fixed and 100% reproducible on an Honor Play.


  1. Download app from Google Play
  2. Start and login to the application
  3. Kill/exit the application
  4. Start the application and attempt to login
  5. You are presented with a password error

This is incredibly frustrating as I have to relog every single morning on the treadmill.

I’ve just installed the Android beta onto a Galaxy s7 edge & am encountering this issue. Have to re-input the login details every time as it says password incorrect. Going to try & reinstall app but suspect it’ll not make any difference.

This is still an issue.

Same issue. Logging in as previously-saved user is consistently rejected with “Did you change your password?” error. Going thru the “change user” flow and re-entering the exact same username and password is usually sufficient to get in. Moderately high frustration factor.

HTC U11, app v32 - 1.0.32519, Android 8.0.0.

I had this problem on ios a few months ago. The solution was as follows. This solution worked for me, it might not be the cause of anyone elses issues but someone might find it useful which is why I am posting.

I had signed up for Zwift with email address A but my subscription through the apple store was with email address B. I would sign into Zwift with email A but then one day it stopped working on my ipad and I would need to re-enter the password each time I logged in (interestingly, on my ipod and laptop PC it would still work OK). After rummaging around through the prefs.xml on the ipad hoping to find some clues I found my email address was set to email B. So I logged in using email B and it has worked ever since.

Like I said, this solution may not work for anyone else but if your Zwift login email address (email A) is different from your subscription payment email address (email B) then try logging in with your subscription payment email.

I wish this was the fix but my email addresses already match :frowning:

Zwift team? What’s going on?

Hey Jamie I’m looking into this, thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for your time & attention VW! I’ve had success (i.e. no rejected logins) the past few days. Much bettah.

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