Password issues upon initial start up

(David Traves) #1


I have been having an issue with initial login. I am using the beta app on my Galaxy S7 but everyone, upon initial access (selecting my username) I have a message stating that my password is incorrect.

I then have to go through the process of adding my username again (with the same password) to gain access.

I have tried the change password link to change my password but still have the same problem.

Any thoughts??


(David Traves) #2

Have managed to sort this now. Just re-installed the app

(Vincent W.) #3

Let us know if you run into any other issues!

(Jamie Brunton) #4

I am also getting this issue. Honor play 20.

I can log in if I press add existing user but it is frustrating to have to do this every time I get on the treadmill.

(Vincent W.) #5

Hey Jamie, looking into this! Have you only been getting this error recently? Or every since you’ve had Zwift on your phone?

(Mathieu Blais (Tri-Qc)[DIRT]) #6


I’m experiencing same issue with both android devices.
Pixel 2 xl ( running Android 9 )
Samsung galaxy tab s3 ( running Android 8 )

Always got to delete user, add user then add trainer + cadence sensor. Really unpleasant.

Fully available to help debug this issue with your team

(Vincent W.) #7

Thank you for the details Mathieu!

(Mathieu Blais (Tri-Qc)[DIRT]) #8

I think it’s fixed with today’s update

(Jamie Brunton) #9

This is still not fixed and 100% reproducible on an Honor Play.


  1. Download app from Google Play
  2. Start and login to the application
  3. Kill/exit the application
  4. Start the application and attempt to login
  5. You are presented with a password error

This is incredibly frustrating as I have to relog every single morning on the treadmill.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #10

I’ve just installed the Android beta onto a Galaxy s7 edge & am encountering this issue. Have to re-input the login details every time as it says password incorrect. Going to try & reinstall app but suspect it’ll not make any difference.