Pairing wireless headphones

I’ve identified an interference issue between my Tacx flow smart trainer and my power locus Bluetooth headphones. I’d like to suggest that you implement optional pairing of Bluetooth headphones to avoid further disruption to other users. It would be particularly neat if Zwift could open iTunes.

Why does Zwift have to open it?

Headphones are paired in your OS and it has nothing to do with Zwift. You can run your ITunes until you have tinnitus and your ears bleed.

yes, you will get tinnitus and it sucks.

I believe that Bluetooth only allows for one connection at a time. If you’re using Bluetooth to connect to the trainer try using ANT+ instead and see if that works.

As Cary wrote, the trainer’s Bluetooth connection is completely independent of the headphone’s. Your PC, Mac, or iOS device, or whatever, can have multiple Bluetooth connections to different devices – trainer, headphones, keyboard, mouse, etc., at the same time.

@ Cary Sporinsky…

yeah nobody understands how bad tinnitus is until they get it…

Ok, I thought you were limited to only one paired device.