Pairing screen crashed Zwift just before TTT

Tried to compete in WTRL TTT last night, you have to enter pairing screen after banner drops so that you can still spin the legs before your start time.

Well, Zwift died just before our start time :scream: and you can’t late join so that was that!

The pairing screen froze on Mac, got the spinning wheel of doom - is this a known issue? Any tips?

It happened to others too.

Someone mentioned backward spinning but that’s not realistic for 20mins… Also exiting pairing screen every now and then, but again not ideal!

Preferably we’d get a proper fix…

Thanks :+1:

The best is to exit from the pairing from time to time. You don’t have to pedal all the time, exit the paring screen and get of the bike and stretch or walk around.

Yes it will be nice if Zwift introduce a TTT mode. But that is a lot of development.

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Understand that, but a fix to the bug would be cool :slight_smile: