Zwift Crashed and now unable to get past pairing screen

I run zwift on a mac mini that is used for nothing else, it’s never had any other program installed on it and it’s worked great for 2 years now. Last night, halfway through my ride zwift froze and crashed. After trying to log back in I am unable to get past the device pairing screen. It just freezes. If it is able to locate a device it immediately goes to “no signal” and freezes again. I’ve deleted all of the zwift files saved on the computer and uninstalled the app, restarted, and reinstalled the app and yet I’m having the same issues.
I pair all of my devices using Ant +. The computer is working fine on the internet and navigating the finder, only freezing when trying to run Zwift.

Is there anything else I can try? The Mac mini is fully up to date

Maybe that is the issue…the Mac is up to date. Sometimes, old OS versions run better for some apps. You’d have to wait until the bug is cleared up with Mac and/or Zwift.