Hung on pairing screen

Hi I have a Max Mini (M1, 2020) macOS Monterey Version 12.3.1 and latest Zwift. I connect my 2T via Ant+ and was riding with Diesel Dan this morning for about 15 minutes no problem. Then I got a connection error. I restarted and Z is hung on pairing screen. I found advice to reinstall fresh latest version of Z which I’ve done to obviously no effect. Of course I’ve restarted the unit every step of the way. Any other advice?

You mentioned a fresh install of Zwift. Did you also find the folder containing settings/preference and delete it between installs? I’ve heard this can fix issues like this.

Same thing happened to me tonight. No issues over the past few days using Zwift. Did a workout last night and when I came back this evening, started up Zwift and once I hit the pairing screen it was frozen / extremely laggy - unusable. I clicked Skip and after 10 seconds I clicked OK to progress to the New Home Screen, unpaired, and there, everything was super smooth.

I was able to enter a ride, but since I was not paired, I clicked Menu and went to pair my devices and again, pairing was frozen and unusable. I even exited out, uninstalled Zwift, restarted computer, downloaded and reinstalled Zwift - same result.

Luckily, I rush downloaded Zwift on my phone and made it in time for my race, but considering I did not see an update download - unless it was pushed behind the scenes, it is really odd that this happened.

Ok quick update. I unplugged everything from my laptop and started to troubleshoot and of course, it worked!

The only thing I can figure is that when I unplugged everything that included the ANT+ dongle. Once I went back downstairs plugged everything back in and started it up everything seemed to work. So all I can figure is that unplugging and plugging in the dongle somehow did something?!?

Or in the last hour Zwift has pushed an update behind the scenes that fixed this quietly :wink: