crashing after todays update

The application fails after pairing devices. Can’t ride.

After today’s update the app started fine for me, but then froze my whole machine - locked up solid - 1 hour into 1.5 workout. On restart it got jerky very quickly then froze again. Very frustrating. Running on a reasonably high spec Macbook and never had problems before.

I am using an iMac. I tried reseting my computer several times and I still can’t get passed the pairing screen. 

Hi all, 

We’re really sorry to hear! There might be some files missing in Zwift folder due to poor internet connection or a sudden dropout while updating. The first thing you should try is reinstall Zwift while connected to the internet via a LAN cable (if possible). Also make sure you use the latest launcher available HERE.

Thank you.

The issue still isn’t fixed. I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall a couple of times. Still just locking up on the pairing screen. 

Hi Francis - 

We’ve had a handful of users encounter this issue since the update, but are still trying to pinpoint the cause. You may be able to resolve this issue by navigating to your Documents folder, and renaming the Zwift folder to something else (Like Zwift(1) or Zwift.bad or something like that). We suspect some kind of data corruption may be causing this issue, and renaming that folder will force Zwift to create a new folder (without the data corruption). Can you try this and see if it fixes the issue? 

If this does fix the issue, we would very much like to know, and get your old Documents/Zwift folder so we can analyze the data and hopefully fix the problem for everyone.

Let me know how it goes!

I uninstalled and reinstalled, but did not do anything to the folder, and I was able to complete my training this morning w/o a problem (except for having to endure that hideous retro theme - yuck.)