After Banner Drop While Waiting for TTT Start, Zwift Crashes or Freezes

I compete in the WTRL weekly Team Time Trial on Thursdays @ 1935 ET.

Because each team has to wait x number of minutes after banner drop for their team’s start, we go into the Pairing Screen in order to keep pedaling/keep devices alive, until Go Time. I have had no issues with this since I started using the Pairing Screen technique (last 4-6 weeks or so).

This past Thursday I was to race at both 13:15 and 19:35 ET. Both races had a start delay (jump out of Pairing Screen with the Team) in the 6-8 minutes after Banner Drop. Both times when I hit ‘Escape’ to exit pairing screen, noted Zwift had frozen with the MacBook circle of death. I was out of the race.

I have since tested joining various events and sitting in Pairing Screen for a few minutes before Banner Drop, and within 3-6 minutes either Zwift crashes completely, disappears from screen, or freezes. Now I see the radio signal around ANT+ stops moving/freezes. (I disabled BLE since it was intermittent with the new MacBook and gave up on it).

I have removed all devices from USB - C (remote keyboard/mouse), reset NVRAM, reset SMC, uninstalled Zwift, Reinstalled Zwift, Verified Zwift can write to Documents Folder, verified I’m on T2 chip, Catalina 10.15.4.

I have handy a few crash dumps for the times Zwift crashed out - and likely there are Zwift app logs either somewhere on my hard drive and at headquarters.

The next race is in a few days and I desperately hope for some help!

Thank you!

Hi @Julie_McKenzie_ATP_R, welcome to the forums! I’m not sure why you need to go into the pairing screen before the start, while you are sitting in the pens waiting for your team to go you should be able to keep pedaling without fear of losing connections or your devices going to sleep.

Edit: I think I see why you are going into the pairing screen now…

Yessir, if we pedaled after banner drop we would be ‘cheating’ ! We must wait for OUR start time which can be anywhere from 1 - 12 minutes after banner drop. Just like a real TTT!

I see, looks like @Shawn_McAfee_DIRT pedals backwards while in the pens to keep from moving forward. Maybe he has some other tips for you?

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Thank you!! That can indeed be a backup solution!!!

I’m still hopeful for a solution because 1) no one else on my team (over 50 people!) has had this happen, and 2) pedaling backward for 8 minutes isn’t the best thing for my leggies wanting to jump forward.

I’m not ungrateful, I will test this as an alternative option! Another option I supposed, is Pairing Screen for 1 minute pedaling, quit pairing screen and sit at Banner, rinse and repeat.

Actually that could be a great test to rule out this as a pairing screen issue, or a signal search timeout associated with Banner Drop of a Race.

Another test I tried was entering pairing screen for 8 minutes during a free ride, and nothing froze or crashed, I was able to hit “Esc” and be pedaling in Game again. But maybe different code in use in an Event??

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Thanks for the mention @Mike_Rowe_PBR. The backwards pedaling is a great solution. I would definitely do this instead of going to the pairing screen. I have tried the pairing screen in the past and missed a start. Pedaling backwards doesn’t have to be fast, just keep the sensor active.

Unfortunately no ideas on the system issue, but best of luck in the TTT’s! They are the best events on zwift.


Do be careful pedalling backwards, we had a member of our team lose a pedal mid race. His is now extremely powerful pedalling with one leg!

Hi Julie!!!

Did you get to resolve your issue? I’m experiencing exactly the same and have followed most of the steps you took to make Zwift work, but coming empty here. Any insights would be appreciated, cause just like you, nobody else in my team has any similar issues!

Thanks in advance,