Pairing Screen changed?

Early 2015 Macbook Pro
MacOS Monterey
2.9 GHz Dual-Core Intel i5
16 GB DDR3

Specialized Venge
CycleOps Trainer
Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensor ANT
HR Monitor ANT+

Yesterday my devices wouldn’t pair. I’ve read that the number one reason that pairing won’t happen is that something else is paired already. I made sure that the only equipment I have that could pair is shut off (iPhone, airpods, TV, etc.) Still no luck. Restarted Macbook with no success. Changed battery on Garmin sensor and HR monitor. Still no luck.

I last used the Zwift app 2 days ago without any issues. Yesterday I noticed that the pairing screen seems to be different – usually when I start the Zwift app the device pairing screen will appear and indicate that it is searching for speed, cadence, and HR sensors. The HR monitor is normally detected right away and once I start pedaling it normally picks up the signal from the cadence and speed sensors. BUT now, the pairing screen doesn’t show that. Instead, it just shows two orange boxes, one for power source and one for speed sensor, each with a “click to pair” request. There is no indicator for the HR monitor even though I am wearing the monitor. I’ve clicked the speed sensor box and turned the crank but it doesn’t detect the signal. I don’t have a power meter so I didn’t click the power source box.

Any ideas or suggestions to help? Thanks!

Hi @Kevin_Russell

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Once you pair a power meter/smart trainer you will see the other options.

Thanks Gerrie. I don’t use a power meter or smart trainer - trainer with garmin sensors that has worked with Zwift for years but not now. I’m stumped :thinking:

Then select the Speed sensor box and once paired it should show the other options.

Sorry I didn’t read all of the text.

If the speed sensor is not detected then it can be that the sensor battery is dead.

How do you connect to the sensor Bluetooth or ant+

what device are you using.

Did that too and it doesn’t pair. Replaced the battery and still doesn’t work. I believe the Garmin is ANT and HR monitor is ANT+. This combination has worked for several dozen rides and suddenly stopped working. The sensors are frame mounted Garmin sensors.

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If you go to documents/zwift there should be a knowndevices file. Try deleting that and see if it will then let you pair.

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Thanks James - where is documents/zwift ?

found it

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I located the documents/Zwift/knowndevices file and deleted it. I restarted Zwift app. The pairing screen appeared and the scenario repeated. It still won’t detect devices. The small ANT and bluetooth icons in the upper left show they are searching for devices (concentric circles radiating outward from the icons). Any other thoughts?

Sadly no, but this isn’t my area of expertise!

If noone else has any ideas I would check with support and also see if there is a cycleops app that you can download to see if your device is able to connect to that.

Thanks James! The Cyclops trainer is a “dumb” trainer - no connectivity. The Garmin sensors are frame mounted and are the only connectivity - pretty rudimentary but works for my purposes.

There might be a Garmin app you can use to check if they’re still working, but I’m afraid I’m really just guessing at this stage.

If you have a modern cycling computer such as a Garmin, I’d check if that can detect the sensors. You could also test with a different cycling app on the Mac (any of the Zwift competitors).

Sorry I am also out of ideas.

Try this. :blush:

Reset the Sensor

  1. Remove the battery from the ANT+ sensor.
  2. Leave the battery out of the sensor for 5 minutes.
  3. Reinstall the battery.

After resetting the sensor, prompt the handheld to search for it again.

One more thing:
remove the ANT+ dongle and try a different usb port.

Try clicking on run at the top of the pairing screen, then back to ride and try pairing.

If that fails, restart Zwift but on the initial pairing screen skip that without trying to pair. Then on the home screen click the pairing icon and try to pair.

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Thanks Stuart - that was useful because it did give me a HR monitor connection on the “Run” screen so I know that my ANT+ dongle is working. When I tried to pair again on the"Ride" screen, both after going back to “connect devices” and again after restarting Zwift, neither attempts detected my Garmin sensor device. I’m concluding that the Garmin device is defective (I did replace the battery as a possible cause of the issue.)

Thanks Gerrie. I’ve tried it all and concluding that the Garmin sensor has finally given out (Bugle playing taps : )

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Well at least it’s narrowed down the issue.

O no that is good and bad news. :frowning:

Thanks Paul. I didn’t go that far to test it but I don’t see any other possibility - it almost has to be the Garmin - everything else seems to work. Would you know if that pairing screen automatically shows the smart trainer version by default? I’m thinking that when it detects the signal from the Garmin it displays a different pairing screen that shows the available sensor options (RPM, Speed, HR). Now, assuming the Garmin isn’t working, it shows the default smart trainer version of the pairing screen. Does that make any sense to you?