Paid subscription suddenly runs in Trial mode”

After pausing membership and upgrading to atest version of the windows app my membership version appears wrong - I ride on trial kilometers….

I paid on aug 6
I paused membership for 2 weeks for vacation - postponing next payment to Sep 20
After pause I resumed training OK
On Sep 5, the windows app upgraded automatically
On Sep 8 my training suddenly ran on trial kilometers
I saw my membership appeared as paused (which it should not be)
And as I resumed on Sep 8, I was immediately billed…
And today my membership looks as Active 25km - but when I start a training it says “4 trial kilometers back”

I would expect the membership to be Active without restrictions. And frankly I miss the 12 days pause, since I have been billed before Sep 20.

What has happenend?

Hi @Anders_Klinting

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I’ve looked at your account, refreshed our system, and see that you have an active membership with us. I do show what you described in your post. Not sure why the system was showing the 25km free trial message, but that should be gone now.

If you could confirm that and let us know.

I rode today passing the 25 km and it seems I can continue riding.

But why was the membership in a pause state, causing immediate billing when I resumed? Resulting in billing 12 days early…

Hi @Anders_Klinting

For any account related questions past this, I would ask you to reach out to us directly so that we can take a deeper look into what’s going on.

Thank you, I have written to support via the form under Help