Pace Partners - Add AI Chatbot Function

It would be pretty entertaining if you gave the Pace Partners standard AI chatbot functionality. Their canned quotes every few minutes are getting a little stale, and i think a little AI could go a long way.

You are not wrong . I have often secretly wished to add MUTE option to the Pace Partners :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

as well as

Those who think Zwift chat is an area for discussing personal matters of no interest to most others.
Those who think Zwift wise chat is a suitable medium for repeating unfunny old jokes.


But you are right , moving forward is the best answer , lets get some AI on those bots +1


Amen to that!

Its a frustrating human trait that you will automatically read it… only to find out someone is talking nonsense, or worse still… a female has said something and all the desperate blokes are like fly’s round shi…

Being generally AI illiterate, would someone provide some insight as to how adding AI Chatbot functionality would change things. What sort of ‘conversation’ would we get from the Pacer Bots in place of the current canned commentary?

I say turn off the pace partner chats, they provide no added benefit. If you want to talk to an AI bot use siri or alexa and leave the rest of us out of your conversation.



Can’t add a link here, but we search should give you an overview

This is where you easily get with “a little AI”:

Would vote for a feature request to remove the current pace partner chat messages althogether, though.


chat goes off in most group rides and pace partners, some of the “banter” is horrific, even worse when the running chat used to bleed into races and you had runners chatting to each other

I was gonna say… don’t these things usually just get trained to sound like an unsupervised 12 year old on Xbox Live :joy:?

How about this - give us an option to mute chat without turning off the entire UI.

If you want the chat to be gone altogether, that option exists already. One bonus reason to use it is the ridiculous UI design choice where messages show up on top of rather than next to each other, so even the messages you might want to read, you can’t. (Yeah yeah Companion blah blah.)

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+1million for an option to turn off the annoying “dumb”/canned bot messages.