Why not use RoboPacers for announcements?

At the moment RoboPacers only make dull or annoying comments. Why not use them to announce relevant things going on on Zwift like upcoming events, new missions, etc.? Would make much sense to me.

Maybe adverts too, like all those Zwift users with “username P/B whoever company”

This ride provided by (or powered by) whoever, visit whatever for best prices on whatever. :wink:

I want James to type all their comments in real time 24x7


100 % agree with this

100% disagree with this

At least in the naive/dumb form that Zwift would implement it where it just randomly says the same thing in a loop over and over.

An announcement almost by definition is something you want to / need to see once. It would be just as annoying if the pace bots told you the same announcement repeatedly. The bots give the same message to everyone and have no idea who has joined with them or been riding how long so they would continue to make the same announcements over and over. As someone who rides with a pacebot sometimes 4-6 hours seeing the same announcement over and over and over would be just as annoying as the current text.

I think the pacebots already ruin chat enough, often “trampling” over existing conversations with their spam.

I’d much prefer to see the pacebots chat function removed entirely, or at the very least made toggle-able so that I can turn it off.

There is already a space for announcements in the companion app - that and the join screen in zwift make infinitely more sense for announcements (as a banner) and not in-game please, please please!

Look out for RoboPacers in upcoming events.

Apparently :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll keep a steady pace for you to follow!

Jokes aside, what some of you are after is a bit of AI ability to have an automated chat bot for these robot riders.

This possibility exists now but IMO is of less value than other things like another big climb in Watopia, expanding Innsbruck or a paved jungle bypass to ADZ or even many other fixes/improvements that people have been asking for.

Some users actually would prefer than nobody chats in Zwift, witness the cranky comments when a few users are chatting and someone tells them to shut up.

They could remind those warming up to race to sign up for ZwiftPower.

Honestly I’d rather have an option to only mute the pacer’s massages. The current stock ones are repetitive and annoying but I like the normal banter, usually.

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