Prevent Robopacers from interrupting real people conversations

Interruptions of real rider conversations by Robopacers are not generally appreciated. If they have to say something maybe do it on a timer - like 2 minutes after someone last messaged

This is a great idea. I frequently ride with groups that text almost continuously. It can be difficult enough to track the conversations without the repeated interruptions from the RoboPacers. This suggestion is perfect. A two minute break before they repeat their incessant monologues would be great. Support this completely.

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This isn’t possible I’m afraid. They are programmed to say something every 5 minutes regardless of whether or not something else has been said.

I’m tempted to put in a feature request to prevent groups that text almost continuously from interrupting the RoboPacers. :wink:



Can’t timers be started as the result of an event? Rather than the timer be fired repeatedly every 5 minutes, instead, start the timer when somebody messages. If anybody messages within that time, start the timer over. When the timer event eventually fires, it will be x minutes since somebody last messaged and the Robopacer can speak.

So yes, I agree, creating, resetting, maybe destroying the timer etc. when a rider messages will be more complicated than simply creating a timer, setting its interval, and hooking it up to the “RobopacerSpeak” event but I don’t think impossible.

This shouldn’t be a discussion of HOW to implement a request. However, your dismissal, of it has led me to ask implementation questions. Rather this should be about the merits of the suggestion, how others, if anybody, feel about it and/or improvements of the suggestion.

Given the complexity of hundreds of features in Zwift simply saying something isn’t possible feels disingenuous and a little dismissive and not quite in the spirit of the exchange of ideas that a forum is supposed to foster.

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No, it’s very basic.

It’s every x seconds during the ride (which lasts for a week).

Sorry - I wasn’t being intentionally dismissive, just explaining how it works presently.

Yes I understand how it works and you said it isn’t possible!?!? I understand that I’m presenting an idea that would necessarily change how it currently works. I don’t think it’s impossible.

But is it even worth the effort?

there are almost no conversations without people interrupting each other talking over each other.

I would suggest rather improving the chat function so that rider text does not overlay the previous message.

Example: (not hard to find more)



It’s not impossible, but I just don’t see a large demand for it.


Yes thank you. The client(s) determines the usefulness of a suggestion. The effort required should be addressed later once it’s determined there is a desire for it. Having it decided (by staff) that there is no demand or implying it’s not possible before the discussion has really started is not what a forum is or should be about.

I would support improving the chat function somehow.

As another option I would support removing Robopacers ability to speak.

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I’ve got a great place to start; group / team private chats is a great place to start!

There’ve been plenty of times where I want to communicate to my teammates during a ride, and only way I can do so is get lucky and find them on companion app, and try and type out to a few of them.
Team chats would be HUGELY welcoming.

There’s another thread kind of ongoing about pace partner chat, and to me it’s just kind of one of those things that turns into an inside joke and is funny at this point, basically turning into a game of “what will the robot say next??”

I hope Zwift can work on some of the social aspects this year.
It’s kind of surprising to me to see how many people that get SUPER angry and upset when people chat; Zwift to me is majority about socialized riding than anything else.
So I don’t want to disregard those comments because, they do appear almost on the weekly between here, facebook, even in-game.

But group chats, would be a fantastic place to start, where we can add friends to during rides, so we don’t have to fill up the public chat; either to save others from hearing the dinging or reading… lord knows what. But can also serve a great function between for team usage during races.

Now that would be a brilliant idea. I’d much rather read the repeated drivel from the RoboPacers than actual humans.

Andrew, great idea

I would suggest rather improving the chat function so that rider text does not overlay the previous message.

THIS. It’s difficult to impossible to follow the chat without the Companion app. Having messages appear over other messages is just bad UI/UX. I’d guess there’s more demand for this to be fixed/improved, it’s probably easier to implement, and it would also solve the problem of bots talking over people.

Group/team chat is a good idea too. I think a “whisper” function would be nice too. Let’s say you’re in a breakaway in a race and you want to make a plan with the others in the breakaway. IRL you could quietly hatch a scheme with each other, but on Zwift you have to broadcast your intentions to everyone in the race even though they’d be out of earshot.


Maybe part of why there isn’t more demand is that you can private message using the Companion App.

Just use Sauce4zwift, completely solves the issue.
Chat will show in an orderly fashion with the avatar and name of the one who wrote something.
And yes zwift chat is COMPLETELY useless as is.


Only to one person (not a group) though, right?

That is a thing of beauty. I’ve been meaning to try Sauce for ages but never got around to it - I’ll have to give it a shot soon!

I believe there isn’t more demand bechause even if people are anoyed by the pacepartner repetitions, they usually don’t put in the effort to voice their opinions.
I’ve asked 3 people what they think about these pacepartner messages, and they don’t care for them. These people are pretty vocal about things in conversations but to them, actually complaining somewhere is too much work.

It is a minor inconveniance tho, and with sauce you could probably block the pace partner chat outright.
This actually have me an idéa and i’ll ask someone to make it!

Yeah. But that’s somewhat like IRL too, where at speed it’s hard to talk to multiple people at once :slight_smile:

I’m absolutely not dumping cold water on the idea–I think the rider list could benefit from having a robust ability to select and do things with riders. Being able to flag certain riders, or keep them always on the list for example, would be great. And once you can flag certain riders, then a group chat would be a next step.

That would also mean even in casual riding that the rest of Watopia doesn’t need to hear someone’s humble brags about how they’re ‘tired so they’re only doing 100km at 4w/kg today’. :laughing: