Messages blocked by ride summary/pause screen

Was trying to coordinate with several riders to meet up at the start line and do a group ride. I had to keep soft pedaling so I could see the messages and some folks didn’t and missed the ride start. Is there a way to shrink this window, make it moveable or only make is really large at the true completion of a ride.

This is a major problem for group rides…while most people aren’t doing group rides now so don’t see this as a problem yet, it needs to be fixed to encourage people to do group rides. I’ve planned (and listed in “Events” “metric century for the Americas”) a group ride for tomorrow with somewhat tortuous instructions to ensure we get most of the intended riders actually riding with the group!

Pedaling backwards didn’t work (still went to pause screen if zero watts)

This really should be addressed Zwift, Seriously. It’s been months. The huge elephant in the room, pause screen, needs to be “modified”. It fully detracts from the social aspect of the game. Communication IS Impossible when you pause, quite the oversight. Please fix this on your next roll out/update.