Pace Partner Ride and Route Completion Badge

I know you can obtain route completion badges while riding with a pace partner given the entire route is ridden based on where you joined the pace partner.

That said, with the lead in, Sprinter’s Playground is supposedly about 7.9 miles. I rode 8.1 miles with Maria on 12/12 and 10.7 with her this morning, both on Sprinter’s Playground but still haven’t received the route completion badge - what am I missing? Do I need to complete a certain number of “laps”? Thanks.

You need to pass through the start of the route followed by passing through the finish. So if you join 1m before the start banner, you will get the badge after one lap plus 1m. If you join 1m after the start banner, you will have to do two laps minus 1m to get the badge.

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…and nowadays you can see where the pace partner is relative to the start/end point of the route (orange circle, I think gray is the start of the lead-in if you ride it as a normal route on your own) on the map on the sidebar where you join the pace partner:

In this example you’d have to do about 1.8 laps to get the badge.

Thanks @Paul_Southworth and @Anna_Ronkainen - guess I just needed to keep going, third times a charm :grin:

Yeah, the usual advice applies: just keep riding until you get the orange route completed banner at the bottom of your screen.