What no badge?

I have just completed pacer ride on The Big Ring total 53.3km …but no badge …what did I miss?

You have to go through the start banner and then the finish banner to get the badge. You can’t just drop into the middle of the route and ride the full route distance and get the badge. If you drop in just after the start banner you’d have to do almost two entire laps to get it.

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erm…ok…so where do you find out where they place the start banner?

Start & Finish

Begins with a lead-in to the desert arch, which is also the finish line.

Restriction: Level 10+

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If you select a robo pacer from the home screen (but don’t join yet) I believe the gray dot on the map is the current location of the pacer. So in this case Taylor is close to the finish banner. A good place to join if you want the route badge.

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I joined from the home screen, no drop in from other route or zone…ok thanks for the info.

Actually I think I got that slightly wrong, it’s probably the gray dot with the pacer symbol in it. Not that close to the finish.

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yes of course … just a bit miffed having completed over the route length …I guess i will just have to ride further…lols

Yeah it’s a lot harder to use a robo pacer to complete a long route. On the short routes it’s fine, you just join anywhere and keep going until you get through start and finish banners. On long routes you might have to wait a while if you don’t want to do a lot of extra riding beyond the route distance.

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Thanks for the heads up.