Overlapping verbal ride-ons

For the last few months, every now and then during group rides or robopacer rides, there’s suddenly a loud cacophony of “Ride Ons”, as though 12 to 30 people all hit the verbal “ride on” button at nearly the same moment. (I haven’t done any free rides in that time, so I don’t know if they would happen there as well.)

There doesn’t seem to be anything that triggers it, though I have noticed it happening at the same places on the map a few times. Today it happened shortly after the start of the BMTR C group century ride, but then it didn’t happen again. At first I thought some people were playing a prank, but it’s happened way too often to be something like that. It probably happens at least once every time I use Zwift. It’s like someone triggers the verbal ride-on, but the command that is sent to my computer is duplicated a bunch of times.

I don’t know exactly when this began, but I probably noticed it first when I started riding on Zwift again in the fall. I keep Zwift and the companion app up to date. Windows 10.

Has anyone else had this happen? I searched but didn’t see any other reports of it.


yes, it has happened on occasion, but not so much recently. i use apple tv.

There are some places (mainly Watopia) where your route passes the start or end point for another route and you’ll get a lot if ride-ons from the riders waiting to start or having finished. Fuego Flats is one of them, especially due to its popularity with new riders. Zwift’s hiding the excess riders may mean your not aware of number of stationary riders in the area you are passing through.

@Mark_Gallagher interesting theory, but I’ve had it happen at spots that are not spawn points that I recall. For example, I’m pretty sure I’ve had it happen on the descent between the Italian Villas and the Marina. Also, this theory would repeatedly require a bunch of people in the pens to be triggering the “Ride On” message at about the same time, as I happen to ride by, which just seems unlikely.