Ride-on's Magically Disappearing

Anyone else noticing the ride-on count going DOWN after their ride? My wife and I did the RideOn for WBR group ride today. After the ride I had maybe 86 ride-ons during the ride. I got a few more after the ride, and got two notifications saying 112 riders gave a ride-on, and 116 riders gave a ride-on (going UP!). The next notification said 110 riders gave a ride-on (what???). When I checked my ride in “Activities”, I was back down to around 86 ride-ons. My wife lost about 30. She noticed this on other rides too.

So many more important problems and issues to worry about in the world, I know. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this.

Ride On (and hope you keep them!)

You should close the other device you have logged in to Zwift.

This happen when you are logged in on two devices.

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Thanks Gerrie! That would make sense. Though I don’t believe either of us were logged in on more than one device. We have separate accounts. I was using Zwift on my macbook pro and the companion app on iphone. My wife was using Zwift on her ipad, logged into her account, and using the companion app on her iphone. We had the Apple TV on to watch a football game. We always log out after rides, and close the app on the Apple TV whenever either of us uses it for Zwift. But maybe one of forgot to this on the ATV last time. I’ll double check that.

One other thing we both noticed: When looking at the ride in “Activities”, the graphic animations for the ride-on’s are missing in the beginning of the ride, then suddenly the ride-on graphics show up. When I first looked at the ride, this wasn’t the case. It’s almost like at some point, the system “lost” the first few kilometers worth of ride-on’s.

Sad as it may be, I’m sure we’ll both get over this little issue :crazy_face:

Well, this issue never went away, so I contacted support about it, and they were very good at getting back in a timely manner. Here is the response:

“I’ve checked with our team and they’re working on a fix.
While there isn’t a work-around for this issue as of yet, the fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date.”

I’m still noticing “disappearing RideOns”.
You click the notifications bell on the home screen of the app… and for some recent ride it’ll say “so and so and 57 others gave you a ride on” … but when you click on that activity and see the number of the Ride Ons that display there… it’s below the 57 number that you got notified for.
So… there are still ride ons disappearing someplace.

I’ve noticed this too and recently, for me, only the count on the detail screen goes down, the count on the feed remains high whereas previously both counts went down and matched and eventually also matched the number you get from manually counting the ride ons from the list on the detail screen.

Immediately after a ride, if you count the number of zwifters who have given you a ride on from the list, you see that it is lower than the count shown in the Ride On badge in either the feed or detail activity screens.
If that is the “true” count then Ride On’s aren’t disappearing… it would actually mean some Ride Ons are being counted double (or more). The number on the badges goes down after a while as the system reconciles the counts.

But of course this is still an error as Ride Ons shouldn’t be counted double or more in the first place.

I’ve also contacted support and yes they are still working on it…

I’m wondering about rides-on given while in the start pen. I do see them filling up the back pockets but on the other hand after the ride/race has started, I can still see the ride-on button next to people to whom I have already given one before the start. So what has happened to the first one?

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Yes! I’ve wondered too, if those in the pen are being counted and in the ride when you are able to give them another, if this is the source of the possible double counting.

Weird to see ride-ons lost after an event. Not logged in twice. I don’t really care but it’s faulty somehow.

I’ve noticed on the Comp App home screen that I can hit the button next to a followed rider’s name, and it will indicate that I gave a RideOn. But then I can hit the upper button that gives a RideOn to all of the followed riders who are riding…and a message will say that I gave a RideOn again.

For example, if there is only one rider I’m following who is riding, I seem to be able to give them a RideOn by hitting the button next to their name, and then a second RideOn by hitting the button to give ‘all followed riders’ a RideOn. I say this because the “you gave a RideOn” message pops up again, even when there’s only one rider I’m following, and when I just gave them that first RideOn.

I don’t know if they’re only getting one RideOn and the app is just giving me the message twice. But maybe they’re getting two RideOns in the moment, and then the system is throwing one of mine out later when it realizes that one person gave two. :person_shrugging: Just a possibly related thing I’ve noticed.

Again today