Opposite Resistance TacX Flux S

Hello, after the latest update I only have resistance on the flats and nothing when climbing. I have increased the difficulty in settings and that has only effected the flats or negative grades (as in I feel more resistance going downhill).

I am Running the latest firmware and using an Apple TV 4K.

Also, not sure if related, since the newest update I am unable to perform a spin down calibration in Zwift. Keeps saying Waiting for device and then it times out. I was able to calibrate through the Tacx App - NOT the TacX utility app.

All firmware is up to date and the latest version of Zwift us on my Apple TV.

Anyone have any ideas?

TacX Firmware: 3.3.40/1.1.6

Thank you in advance!

  • Dustin

Also, last week I was getting frequent trainer signal drops during the tour of NY. But everything else seemed to be working at that point. I did unplug everything (trainer, Apple Tv, Tv) after that and let it sit for a day. Did that do something bad?